Creating new generation leaders and organisations.

Collaborative, thoughtful and compassionate leadership coaching.


We enhance the work (and life) of leaders across their career span offering tailored coaching to suit individual needs.


Koko Matrix empowers individuals to be successful, collaborative and compassionate leaders within thriving organisations.


Witness your organisation elevate and innovate into the future with collaborative and compassionate leadership.

What is KOKO Matrix

KOKO Matrix is led by Kate Osborne, providing a platform through which people and organisations can thrive. Kate will partner with you to enhance leadership, eliminate tension, build culture, create alignment, enhance effectiveness and unlock potential.

The KOKO Matrix is a series of well-defined questions required to carefully address over 360 key business parameters within each of the primary 64 overlapping operational sectors in an 8×8 matrix.

The KOKO Matrix Process

When you know the questions to ASK

You can COLLABORATE together with your team and colleagues to find the solutions and true value in your organisation in a structured process

Move forward and ACT on the strategies you need for success

Become the LEADER that succeeds through collaboration, compassion and process.

What people say

‘We required a culture change to take our business into the future. Kate is our go-to-person to connect with the real issues we face, to articulate the blocks that prevented us from the change we decided we needed, and remove these blocks- always making us feel like we are a winning team.

Kate has helped us grow our confidence as leaders, develop a loyal team who understand collaboration, and help us to create pathways forward for future success. Our increase in profits has been secondary to the increase in team morale”


“We started our business on a credit card- Kate was a loyal customer and we knew we needed something to take our business from working in it – to working ON it. Kate walked the journey with us every step of the way, recruiting and retaining teams are the ingredients for a business to work without the owners. With the KOKO Matrix Kate helped us to define our Values, manage time and build a world class business that WORKS without us.


The KOKO Matrix process was so tangible and gave us a clear visual that our issue was communication and as a team to focus on one clear vision.

The major benefit is the positive conversations and group solutions I am now seeing within my team.

We have seen HUGE improvement in collaboration, and we are now working as ONE team” 

Kim Sutton Executive Director, General Manager

I would like to sincerely thank you for the opportunity to be involved in the ‘Collaboration Leadership Series’ 10 week course.  I am beyond grateful and want you to know that you have been the catalyst for change in DSL Law and my own life that I will never be able to truly explain or thank you for.  As a result of being involved in your course, there have been so many conversations, so much reflection and, at the end of the day, the birth of DSL’s first ever strategic plan which I am very excited to submit to you with this email.

For the first time, I have sat down and collaborated with Danielle.  We have had real conversations about the direction of the business.  Not only was I able to learn new things about DSL Law (and especially the people, culture and finances), I was also able to contribute in a meaningful way to Danielle’s perspective on these things. 

I am convinced that the future for DSL Law is bright.  You have helped us acknowledge and celebrate our achievements – like new clients and Danielle’s Women in Business Award, and also to think about how these things can be leveraged for the future advancement of the business.

I am submitting this business plan with the hope of winning the Flight Centre voucher – but if I am honest, DSL Law has already won….and has the tools to keep on winning.  Thank you!