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Meet Kate Osborne

Kate Osborne graduated form the University of Queensland with a double major in Psycholgy in 1993. Travelling is her passion and Kate became a share owner of Elizabeth Street and Queen Street Flight Centres between 1997-2001, travelling to over 50 countries, Kate has a vast world view grounded and grateful to be a Gold Coast resident where she raises her 3 teenage kids with Husband Kent.

Poached into Business Coaching before it was a thing, Kate was the first female coach to win a Global Award for outstanding client results, achieving record sales and building a team of 11 coaches, working with over 90 businesses each month.

Mentored by Swiss Millionaire Fred Zollinger, sixth shareholder of Coke, Kate was taught how to think. Mr Z encouraged Kate to discover the business models of the day and add morals and ethics to provide leaders with clarity and direction to reach their full potential.

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In 2011, Kate sold her business for a three times multiple and created a boutique, referral only solution to top tier leaders across industry. Working with Di Dixon from the City of Gold Coast Economic Development, Jade and Tanya Winter from Studio Pilates, Greg Treasure and David Tauti at CORE water Management solutions and Jellaine Dee, Telstra Award winner Kate recognized a need to streamline the solution that coaching could offer.

Working with a top Lawyer, Kate discovered that the power of collaboration and success lay within the quality of question she asked and the decisions that her leaders took. Alongside husband Kent, they took the model into Franchise groups, Governments departments, small business and nonprofit sectors- each year the results improved and the process streamlined.

In 2021 , Kate was approached to improve confidence in Business Leadership and developed a 10 week fast track series where 31 participants experienced the essential elements in a reverse education model, utilising 43 videos and roadmaps to develop their strategic plan in just 10 weeks. They also experienced 10 soft skill workshops to provide practical tips to improve results for themselves, their teams and their families. The results proved that collaboration builds confidence and momentum to solve problems faster with better outcomes for all.

Kate believes that the journey to success delivers maximum love and respect to yourself and ultimately to the team you serve and the world at large. Compassionate leadership helps to unite, unify and understand the changing world we find ourselves in.