What is Compassionate Leadership​

Join Kate Osborne on this 10 week leadership course to learn AND implement the 8 Core Principles to Collaborative Leadership which will take your organisation to the next level of success, with less conflict and more collaboration!

The course’s foundation is the KOKO Matrix system, which covers 360 key business parameters, within each of the 64 overlapping operational sectors on a 8×8 matrix board. No business question if left unturned!

Next intake 16th July 2024

KOKO Matrix Roadmaps

Tick sheets for the 8 operational sectors of a business – administration, finance, culture, marketing, sales, production, distribution and product coaching.

The roadmaps cover a thorough list of processes, agreements, contracts, insurances, analysis, policies, KPIs, audits, statements, guides and strategies you need for your business to be functioning at optimal capacity.

Strategic Plan

Each week Kate will unpack with you all you need to prepare a Strategic Plan that you will present at the end of the course. The Strategic Plan covers aspects such as mission statement, SWOT analysis, goals, strategies, actions and revenue projections.

The Strategic Plan helps you get clear on your business next steps and is a solid document to share with your team, investors and use as a resource to track your growth.

Soft Skills

You will receive 10 soft skill workbooks throughout the course which will teach you how to enhance your leadership, eliminate tension in your team, build culture, create alignment, enhance your effectiveness and unlock potential as a compassionate leader.

The KOKO Matrix Process

Become the LEADER that succeeds through collaboration, compassion and process.

When you know the questions to ASK

You can COLLABORATE together with your team and colleagues to find the solutions and true value in your organisation in a structured process

Move forward and ACT on the strategies you need for success


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Kate has bought our team together like never before. We started very excited , then realized that change had to happen within us and through us as we interacted as a team and with our clients . We have recorded a record month of productivity and continue to grow on this KOKO matrix journey.

Chrisy Quig – Radcliffs

Course Information

Dates: 16th July-17th September 2024

10 consecutive Tuesdays 10.00am-11.30am

Live weekly Zoom meetings
Workbooks and materials are supplied.
Become the LEADER that succeeds through collaboration, compassion and process.


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3 part payment

28 weekly payments

Money Back Guarantee

Kate 100% satisfaction guarantee means peace of mind for you. With the KOKO matrix roadmaps and the soft skills couples with your unique combination of profiles of you are not receiving value by week 5 Kate will give you all your money back.