The course’s foundation is the KOKO Matrix system, which covers 360 key business parameters, within each of the 64 overlapping operational sectors on a 8×8 matrix board. No business question is left unanswered!

What is KOKO Mastery Course?

Join Kate Osborne on this 10 week business and leadership mastery course to learn AND implement the 8 Core Principles to collaborative leadership which will take your organisation to the next level of success, with less conflict and more collaboration!

Next intake 16th July 2024

KOKO Matrix Roadmaps

Tick sheets for the 8 operational sectors of a business – administration, finance, culture, marketing, sales, production, distribution and product coaching.

The roadmaps cover a thorough list of processes, agreements, contracts, insurances, analysis, policies, KPIs, audits, statements, guides and strategies you need for your business to be functioning at optimal capacity.

KOKO Matrix Strategic Plan

Each week Kate will unpack with you all you need to prepare a Strategic Plan that you will present at the end of the course. The Strategic Plan covers aspects such as mission statement, SWOT analysis, goals, strategies, actions and revenue projections.

The Strategic Plan helps you get clear on your business next steps and is a solid document to share with your team, investors and use as a resource to track your growth.

KOKO Matrix
Soft Skills

You will receive 10 soft skill workbooks throughout the course which will teach you how to enhance your leadership, eliminate tension in your team, build culture, create alignment, enhance your effectiveness and unlock potential as a compassionate leader.

It has long been known that people don’t remember what you say, they remember how you made them feel. Each hand chosen soft skills workshop is designed to tap into the connection required to allow people to flourish under your unique leadership style.

The KOKO Matrix Process

Become the LEADER that succeeds through collaboration, compassion and process.

When you know the questions to ASK

You can COLLABORATE together with your team and colleagues to find the solutions and true value in your organisation in a structured process

Move forward and ACT on the strategies you need for success



1 x ticket to Sales Simplified valued at $495.00

Sales Simplified is a critical reminder that sales is the lifeblood of growth. With over 30 years of coaching high performing sales teams this session is a game changer.


52 Empowerment Actions Series &
52 Couples in Business Series


Troubleshoot your challenges with this collection of over 100 x 30 minute podcasts solving complex issues faced by empowered leaders.


Essentials Pack


All business requires a basics overhall to ensure the time and money invested is balanced well with the delivery of service and the numbers that matter. In this Essentials Pack, Kate steps you through each aspect with simple worksheets to complete.

Course Information

16th July-17th September 2024

10 consecutive Tuesdays 10.00am-11.30am

Live weekly Zoom meetings

Workbooks and materials are supplied.

Become the LEADER that succeeds through collaboration, compassion and process.


1 off payment

A one off payment of $2,995.00.  Best value option.

3 part payment

3 payments of $1,100.00 per month for 3 months.

28 payments

$125.00 per week for 28 weeks.  Total cost $3,500.00

“Kate is a one stop shop on leadership. I was referred to Kate and looking back it was the single best decision of my business journey to start coaching with KOKO Matrix. Now I am able to retire and live the life of my dreams.”

Victoria Cook – SEQ Process

“Before I completed the KOKO Matrix Mastery course I spent about 6 years in a state of high stress, managing all the travel chaos through Covid. Coming to this course helped me choose my target market, create a balanced working schedule and still have time and energy for my chosen clients.”

Cara – MTA Travel

I got so much value from this course that I am committed to doing the KOKO Matrix Mastery course every year to help me recalibrate the direction I am taking in my business. Results from this round were I took back 100% equity of my business, set a clear five year vision, I created my very first Strategic Plan and completely rebranded. I am thrilled with this progress and Kate is an incredible coach and support system for my business.”

Rhiannon Howard

Money Back Guarantee

KOKO Matrix offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means peace of mind for you when you book this course. If you are not receiving value by week three of the course, Kate will give you your money back.