Quarterly Planning Workshop on July 9th, 2024 – RACV Royal Pines Gold Coast 9am-1pm

Quarterly Planning is for everyone. We welcome you to take the journey to success with us. Learn from REAL PEOPLE about REAL solutions to maximise your growth in business.

At KOKO Matrix we believe in transparency, hear stories of the GOOD, GREAT and the challenging as we focus to help you to know the fastest route to success.

Take some time out each quarter to celebrate what you have achieved and reset your targets.

“I believe success is both love and respect. Living the journey and respecting the process to challenge yourself. To serve more people and live a fulfilling life.”

Quarterly Planning Provides…

⭐ Why so affordable?
I believe that by lowering the entry fee, we can focus on getting the job done.  At KOKO Matrix we don’t feel like the more you pay the better the function – in fact we aim for exceptional value and connection so you can easily come check us out and see what true value feels like.

⭐ Overcoming Obstacles
Life is full of challenges and obstacles that can derail even the most well-thought-out plans. Kate Osborne understands this reality and will equip you with the tools and strategies you need to overcome these hurdles. Her workshop will explore various techniques for resilience, problem-
solving, and adaptability, ensuring you can stay on course when faced with adversity.

⭐ A Supportive Community
One of the unique aspects of Kate’s workshops is the sense of community that participants experience. By joining her Accelerate and Goal-Setting Workshop, you’ll connect with like-minded individuals who are also on a journey of personal and professional development. This supportive network can be a valuable resource for sharing ideas, offering encouragement, and holding each other accountable.


⭐ Jade Winter – Studio Pilates 

Jade is a Studio Pilates International® Co-Founder and Director. Jade manages the strategic direction of the Studio Pilates International® brand and vision fulfillment. 

⭐ Craig Young – Intrinsic Living

Transformational Coaching that helps people empower themselves, so they can live a life of personal freedom, increased happiness and achieve life balance.

⭐ Clarence Charya – BOOM Talent

BOOM is a Talent Acquisition & Consulting company that works with high achieving organisations and individuals to help facilitate their business and professional strategies.

Your Facilitator

In Australia, in early 2008, the origin of Structured Organisational Facilitation was founded by University of Queensland Psychology graduate, and founder of KOKO Matrix, Kate Osborne.

During the past decade, through the hard work of legal, marketing, finance, sales HR, production and distribution specialists, dug deep, collaboratively developing the hard questions needed to carefully address over 360 key business parameters within each of the primary 64 overlapping operational sectors in an 8 x 8 matrix.
Kate was mentored by Swiss Millionaire, Fred Zollinger Esq. at the age of 21 and learnt to think for herself!  Joining Flight Centre Limited at age 23, Kate built and led 73 combinations of team in 5 years.  Poached by the World’s #1 coaching company, Kate sold her business for a 3x multiple and has focussed on her role as wife and mother of 3 moving to the Gold Coast.  Kate’s passion is to lead with both integrity and wisdom and ‘do life’ with like minded leaders. Discover more about KOKO Matrix.

Quarterly Planning was the first place where I learnt that being in business is about being truly authentic.

Tracey Leak – Tracelle Enterprises