Sales Simplified Masterclass 2024

2nd July | 12pm-1pm

If you and your team are not reaching your sales potential, join us for… Register now for this live 1 hour event presented via Zoom.

Not hitting your full potential in sales? Join this masterclass to learn…

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Learn the daily disciplines to ready your targets

Correct your mindset to overcome fear and rejection

Receive the top 3 conversion tactics to increase your sales by 16%

Discover the best time of the week to convert

Learn Kate’s proven script to successful sales

Learn how Kate has achieved 110% of sales budgets for top tier clients

Get the 6 questions that when answered will rocket you to success


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Meet Kate Osborne, your Sales Trainer: 

Starting in a professional setting at age 17yo, Kate has runs on the board.

Winner of Westpac Women in Business, BNI Most Improved Chapter and named the Voice for Leadership, join Kate to gain the recipe for her sales success!

For many years Kate has helped individuals, couples and teams apply a process to build a clear vision for the future.  With vision comes clarity …and through this clarity comes change. Change only happens as quickly as you allow it. Kate has lived a life where she embraces change. Through her travels to many lands, her connections with leaders and movers and shakers, she has found the speed with which you are willing to embrace change and decide to adopt new thinking is how you improve results in life.  When things no longer work, it is possible to fall victim to faulty thinking or get stuck in circumstances the leaves you believing you are stuck in a relationship or life situation.


Sales Simplified created a real paradigm shift for me and my approach to sales. I was able to squash old belief systems and feel positive about enjoying the sales process.  I immediately was able to implement the tools and techniques and fill one of my workshops, which was a complete transformation of my approach before the course. Thank you Kate for a great day and the opportunity of being immersed in the culture of a great Brisbane based global organisation.

Leiza Mosley

Practitioner, Living Illumination


For 10 weeks we built trust and commitment within our team to achieve our budget sales target. I am thrilled that we are on track for 110% of our target. I highly recommend Kate’s coaching.

Martin Zumstein

RACV Royal Pines