Committing to Realistic Life Decisions, not New Year’s Resolutions

I have had an amazing fun-filled morning with my little ones – painting (yes with REAL paint!) and as a result, stocking up on our wrapping paper :), washing off in the clamshell paddling pool and cooling down in this 30+ degree heat, jumping over the sprinkler and having a picnic lunch. Creating precious memories!

Now I have an hour to sit down and really start to work on my business!

But before I do that (no I’m not procrastinating…ok, maybe a little…) I need to understand my number one priority.  This year my goal is to find MY balance and continue to nurture it.

We have all heard it before, but what does finding a balance actually mean? Is there such a thing when you are a parent, wife, daughter, sister, friend, business owner, or entrepreneur….?

I do believe there is such a thing, but for each of us, it will look very different.

I also believe the key is that you need to make a conscious decision on how you want to balance your life – how much time for your children, for cooking, for housework, for ‘me’ time, for partner time, for extended family and friends time…and business time.

This is where 2016 was difficult for me. I didn’t make a conscious decision.

My children have always come first because, without me, they cannot survive. That’s what a mother does and I really love being a mother. However, I haven’t been the best mother, partner, or friend that I can be.

Simply because I neglected ME.

To be all these things effectively, we need to look after our own needs too.  If you don’t listen to your body and what it is telling you then you will not be the best you can be.

If you don’t consciously schedule in time for YOU, life will take over and you will continue to fall into a heap when all stock levels are depleted.

It’s only taken me 4 years as a mum and investing in an amazing life/biz coach to work this out.

All my stock levels were depleted – I emptied my FUN BANK.  It was dry.

As a result, my children acted up (and I just thought they were being naughty), my relationships have suffered, my business (which only started in February) really slowed down, and

I forgot what it’s like to have REAL fun.

You know, the kind of days that you laugh about weeks after, the events that make you smile when you think about them, the simplicity of putting on some music and just dancing silly with your children for 5 minutes (while the pasta is boiling) and laughing till your cheeks hurt and tears are streaming down your cheeks!

So here is my list of things that I love to do. Things that will help me look after ME.
I am making a conscious commitment to doing more of these things this year – to benefit myself and those that are near and dear to me.

These are NOT New Year’s resolutions – they are realistic life decisions!

  • Smile more at strangers
  • Laugh till my cheeks hurt OFTEN!
  • Take a bath more than once this year (aiming for monthly but weekly would be bliss)
  • Take a walk by myself – at least once a week, even if just for 15 minutes
  • Do my Yoga Nidra night time meditations
  • Journal at least three days per week – and whenever I feel I need to
  • Schedule a fun-filled date night/day with my husband monthly
  • Tickle, poke faces at, dance and laugh with my children DAILY – several times a day!
  • Collectively decide on what days, nights, and times are the best for me to work in and on my business – and really show up at those times.

….now I’m going to play on the swings with my little’ins for 15 minutes before starting dinner.

I would really love to hear about your conscious and realistic life decisions you are making for yourself and your family this year.  I open up a safe space for you to share them – no judgement, just praise for your commitment!…so feel free to comment send me an email, a FB private message or comment below!

Much love

Bev x